I snuggle corners of your expert presence

Riddling trip in vain


What urges cellular mischief?


Ghostly banter flowing towards the nearest orgasmic affirmation

Where did cloudiness prevail?

Jewelry modeled by too real holograms     

The never tender weeding

Loose coins jangled & spread out desperately  

I reach for etcetera   


Micro tears in her fantasy kit

I spy her volition

Did you tame inadvertently?


The harassing point of new mind birth,  

& copyrighted Gods

I bask in railway tedium

This flavorless licking,

is yet again, our descriptive job sentence

How might I calibrate balanced epitaphs,

to my inherent amnesia,

& for the proceeding evidence of sensical matter?

I line up fragmentary rhetoric

There is illness when she acknowledges me

I long for the sacred parameter

Time is reversible  

Desiring could maintain itself

Why abide to fidgety guidance?

If she kills objecthood,

then joyful itemization


Their soggy cardboard ladened animosity

I become fingerprints

The pain from shy answers

I recollect binged improvisation

Why must your hip twist so calmly in disagreement?


I become not myself sometimes

The distance from her invisible throbbing arteries is not polite

Muddy ballads & that leader of vast entitlement

Algorithmic souls

I’m only a blackmailed intruder

Citizen hobbies

I would elevate her presumptuous mood

How little is necessary?

The unbuyable dimensional figures of what could be human

I get pinched by it


Where do we crinkle?

This remotely guided fleet of impetus, that has no morale

Home estrangement

I prosecute liberty

The angles in her visual barrage, dominate utility & its spoiled goal

The moldy indicators of being replicated leftovers from hobbyist gods

I forge placebos, & use them as my own

Scampering ambience

Where do you understand museums?

I find a dance step instructional video for correcting neurosis


This may be stubbornly antidotal to revolutionary opinion

I line her pillow case with blatant & dead mantras

Recovery from an intellectual affair

The yelps that get no louder & deny pinpointing

I trace a semantic future

Oddly enough, there is crystallization


Why not fiddle with this ideological road map?

She drains my esteem

There is regulated learning to keep buyer ambitions up

I go for the ceiling fan, & xylophones haunt their misspelled theory

Abolished plight

I commemorate folly with executed legal documents

The pressure given as she handles tooling

Which matters?


I just barely suspend focus enough to write again

Offer me nothing


How can frolicking be translated into algorithms?

She has this kind of warped nature, & it exaggerates my doubt

These prominent voided figurines scrambling to hold up an identity

No money due until next year

The badly guarded entertainment spills rapidly

I witness her become them


A thief certifying denominators

Upgraded amenities in our primal theatre

I gawk at the elaborate shuffling to bypass friction

Where is holiness not clung?

I honor trite details in an unassuming behavioral exchange

Why categorize the static?

This notion of self, encaptured in flowing veins, is just a temporary agent


I mine her second guesses, while an antique clock hammers exact noise into the room

The poverty is real

Frigid handshakes by delusional maestros

How can a survey be undone?

I am still, & these backstage props reveal their genetic horror


She leads a naked address of this conglomerate

The usual farming of societal dreams lets our traffic maintain itself

I surrender more provoking equipment to the wall

I love your things also, but I’ll probably never be able to tell you

Knotted hairs, impossible to brush

You’ve found a privatizing giddy madman infatuated with skeptic agility


When does it stop giving chase?

I’ve put away the fraudulant toys

This generally numbing charade of hiking up invisible pants

Her forecasted enthusiasm is a dungeon for jittery lament

I click screens, & they hear me


Where will the meta distractions cease their influential bullying?

The half elated nipple dances with a subway’s perfected misfortune

I feel authenticity

That rude mistaking glance

Wrinkles in her bravery

How is antiquated loss pinning me to a faux schedule?

Counsel the divot in my ethics

I am scared of this availability

Which box needs the most help?

I focus on her latest invasion

These refundable personalities, & that vaccinated sigh of contentment

Our desperate mummery


I become an obvious imitation of these grand wishes

Why horde credits from ill-fated devotion?

The scene is ours to maximize, & tweak in accordance with poetic necessity

I determine the boundaries to this peripheral range

She leaves first impressions neutral

I garnish your antics

Coarse bearded tribal sinning

An endless itch

Where is there haven from lousy religion?

Too snug promiscuity calling out from expensive nylon

Did I really watch her laugh for the final time?

Clean edginess & a drug free maniac

Sirens everywhere

I’m calmed by the maintenance lady banging a vacuum against my hallway door

Morality in a canister

The village hires educational placebos

She keeps a demanding angle

I yearn for work

How to get inside?


The tremble in her manicured nails, as she gestures to my public non-identity

I reproach those commitments of maturation

These brand new participants everywhere!

It is making flexible alliances harden

I am a thankful & confused slave to patterning

Do you want a reason to leave?

Slip me a note with abstracted honesty on it

These engineered behavioral traps, & allocated funding

Our privatizing codification of nobodies

A dented ego, sulking into brief reincarnated folly

Guess my accident

Crumbs on the floor stick to my heels, & toothpaste is in my beard

It seemed that gods are only made up of numbers

Spilt merriness

The obliging army from a novelist’s dream


Which yes?

Confettied rationalism startles her

I patiently keep the illusion breathing ok

Rusted gears flying at me

Her ambitious choreography of our sexual meanderings

This unbelievably polite dining ware

Where is the laboratory key hiding this time?


I frame an ordained version of minute to hour banality

That quick glance away & pricey rings

Our inevitability

No hurry

I sense the panic is near, but forgo my defense

This crinkled receipt

You are merely an end to someone’s will

Do I fix the hole or replace it completely?


I pay for their hypocritical smiles

A lace of color, & trust already broken

These rooftop sculptures know nothing about museums

I limit damage, while counting her eyelashes


News of quantum entanglement, & spoiled ambition


The unchained mass of solicitation

I put her recent image in a queued loop

Ventricular pressure

How does attention diverge when necessary?

I fractionalize my saneness & wonky politics continue onward

Bombing etiquette

Intentional finales in opposition to doctoral warnings

She pulls at terminology

Is that better now?

The autumn winds make for cynical literature

I endorse friendship

Altercation with intangible power

That state, which is exclusively consequential of flirtation

How do culturally fortified egos jump?

I remain home obeying fear & poeticizing war

She bargains with it

They acquire the necessary percentage

I haul myself away in fickle confirmation

Lights are really quiet


Tender aggravated smile

We lock it up occasionally for purposeful entertainment

I banish judges

The infatuation turned into sentimentality

Pressurized monopolies

I wince during the arrival

Her unwashed ideas on third party exclusion

Why are bent stripes convincing these loiterers?


I prod with interest & she changes her masturbatory arsenal

The foundation is everlasting

A tremendous drowning of enthusiastic polarity

I modestly blunder again

Where could this giddy optimism not spark disease?

Her umbrella tears open & that memorized poem acts rancid

I fuse together enemy children


The morning broadcast enlivens a workforce

Aisles of regulation & a sprawled napping love interest

Why count occurrences?

That fair hanging palette of wanted equipment

Ignore my determined stare

The humming companionship in bottlenecked madness


I bicker with an immersed artist on their withdrawal upswing

She keeps embroiling the conceptual mischief with noisy saliva based footnotes

Violating their right to litter

Candidly gophering into the neglected areas

I have just an auxiliary commitment to life & it’s byproducts


Their fiasco goes up for auction

A chilling toast to this poor replica of myself in a overly simplified hotel room

I discriminate against coated empathy

Lean & fibrous nerves grip onto an employed skeleton

How does one know it is time to pull the alarm?

I generate that cramped mentality

She is using vintage absorbents in a delicate fashion

The moon is still

I trust painterly behavior

Vaginal outlines in elastic denim & new calculating hardware

When may risk taking supersede the longevity fixation?

I am discarding ambivalence

Retrofit my conscience with ejection tendencies


Our battling lexicons get worrisome

Predetermined mastery

I align warning cones in homage to failure

She demotes volition

How is the plateau going to remember itself?


Offline desolation

I ask who impinges on my contentful embellishment

Nothing special

Where do we carve out modest positions in this awing whole?

That beckoning soothes nervously disguised contaminants

I jot down quick lullabies for my headless ego

She tightens the perimeter

These drenched wheels on foreign highways

Alphabetized emotional data

I bandage our numbness, while capitalist venues reopen promptly

When might holy solicitation find builders?

Double the risk

I place novelty in underground transit, & history growls

The serpentining logic


Deporting membranes

I reapply fictions to her unwanted secrecy

I push aside elderly materialism

The repetitive battering from lost warmth

A narcissistic swagger is present

I tug on reigns of this unfinished contraption to impress defiance

Where may audio stop healing?


I cross out glory & appliances teeter

She is welcome in liberally formulating rooms

Other people’s informative habitat

I bruise easily, while that crown shakes off intruders

The reckless ambush from undetected joy

Her pompous & filthy measuring techniques

Watch me die


Shaming legitimacy artificialized the rampage

I narrate a better conflict

Your meticulously irrigated transcendence grew stale

Why fix?

Essential admission & news about the door

I hunt for chances to be giddy with forbidden prongs

Antiquated mutilation

This legal vector of germs

I step into that popular alleyway

Revoke your capacity to be willful under implicative secretion

The quantity of her

How to dissolve being stubbornly reliant on clear markings?

I protect my attention

A hollow gesture & repeated taxing of submissivity


They free incidental attacks which effect the cause

I deter my second guessing

This cherished hub of lingerers & pleasantly appearing falsities

When might the strategy begin eating itself?


She has a contracting aura that defines introverted lunacy

I peer into the emptiness & give form to our secret angst

This over shined bureaucracy mimicking an intangible contradiction

Why wish for dismissal?

The stark burn & chemical taste from her recent pampering

An idyllic jostle of no longer sturdy grammatical handles

I befriend mayhem in that valley

The guilty disgust in plentiful avalanches of quasi-behavior

I name emotive inconsistency

Where can our permutation be glorious?

She trips on a household fallacy

I broaden my portfolio of usable sexual characteristics

This newspaper headline & a waning protester

Unreliable breeding of erroneous collusion


I compromise her alias

Youthful footwork on a rented stage

How can they arrogantly purport those distracting gauges?

Torture my usual routes of comfort

I finish another diversion & she lies to a merchant of pleasure


Jacket tugging

A fixed race of metaphorical ancestry

Her desire is ignoring its education

I suggest questionnaires be handed out at once

Why count vice actualization?

Unified yielding to humanistic servery

Recharge phony dealership


Stadium flags & incomplete admiration

I lie to minorly tweak your forecast

Why coordinate heroism?

Professional smothering

Her backward answers to platonic hobbyists

Structuralized emotions finding an unarmed me


I annihilate cosmetic obsession

Bring me your funky aftermaths

She glazes over & I dance with entropic questions on responsivity

The indulgent orchestration of pitied horoscopes

I watch her quadriceps shift in bashful anticipation

Peaking trend of cynical infantry

Will you finally remember that excuse?


I land in a train going west & the mountainous rhythm induces politicized vomit

Now this indirect answer is finally mine

Post-nap binges & fireflies in a jar


Humans in assigned boxes stacked upon each other

City walking pace

I memorize (2) square inches of her body for later use

Where is the commemorated arena?

Sprinting hoodlums find gaskets eager for removal

They voice interest for subduing omens

Crumbled napkins wiping away tinged imperfection

Why do I require a pen to bleed?


Form a harvesting crew to undo integrity

Holiday rules

Initial on the dotted line

We betray fruitfully, & patinas have conviction

Emotional circus

Attentive folding of their refugee origins

What are limits to this depreciating compartment of atoms?

Mixture is taken for granted by the quicker partnership

Ragged imitation of a girl I wish to know

Planting arithmetic

Turn your head away for this next episode

I collapse an under study’s mantra

Why not palpitate these institutional constancies?

Her rusted bobby pins host a litany of tales about wonder & fluids


This exactitude in our arrogance shatters the possibility for a glimpse at their muffled heaven

Where can I set this down for now?

Splattering enjambment onto the pleated declarative lecture, that markets optimism in exchange

for authorship rights


I distance from it

Hoards of insistent banter & calm tribal failure

Tracking urbanized scents that arrive from nowhere

How many vernacular launching points?

I recycle her docile Freudian topographies while she contaminates the last of my personal equity


Inventing fields of occupation to appease unborn technological mishaps

This quite righteous mannerism, & anonymous bangs on the door

Come sanction our infantile urges because flying is close enough to random disintegration

I put my head on the figurative lap

How did it learn about those damned wishes for knowledge based accusation?


Capsizing everyday pace

That dusty vent

I inject sufficient degrees of psychic energy to convince her that bodily attendance in the festive

rage is essential

Gnarly lean against the cold tile wall in some unexplainable hygiene booth with a nearby foreign


Chapters of pedagogy molesting her naive logic

I swiftly organize my antennas


What sequence incites the least probability for half witted revolts?

I hope to ask her someday


This ponytail camouflage appears to be effective

Arguments in tattoo signification

She briefly looks up from decadence to affirm the necessarily tragic

Holograms chasing me

When do laughs indicate ambitions that cannot be sublimated properly?

The standardized faces create a replicated damnation

I put away those emotionally bogged down ornaments in respect for the graph

Ugly consumption beyond rockstar points of interest

New Zealand musculature & a box of free wardrobes

Where does the end support ritualistic aversion?

They wave around upper limbs to certify a meaningless point & sighing greets them


I honor taut aspects of an encounter while curly hairs dangle

Messy downloads from indicted portals

Subdued horizontally

Admitted obsessions playing nice

Why bother the faithful?

I use her neurons to vicariously caress me

3 piece bands following us anywhere to validate eccentricity


I accept the slow moving panic delivered by each cycle before inventing new rules

Panting reverberations from that other galaxy

Convenient detours that persuade the hoax to be friendlier

Emptying the room initially is a fundamental demand

Her utopian exuberance snagged my whining petition for logic


Branding groups that are codifying lanky forgers of assigned mutiny

Which rags are meant for decluttering?

I’m applying for a position in the future war

I want unruly exclamations, but we demand the preservation of lucidity

The moaning highway has become freakishly omnipotent


This small warrior claims an entrance

Allegiance to how

Upside down angst & sorcery in the range of broken handles yelling for more


Breaching those solution guided contracts

If my tongue greets an essential rift, then will the pressure concede to levitation

This validity is faltering

I gaze through what she purports as merely concealed imaginative jargon

How may I tame envy to be quieter?


They overpopulate their emptiness with consumerist religions that keep the weather agreeable &

deport those who won’t stop poking

I gather & rub together anything I can find to attempt emergency calming

The baby drops their rattle while newspapers keep arriving forcefully

Will it be fair to ask you of such a thing?

This was 2 hours ago

Stadium lights invoking replaced memories

I choose to pay attention during this onslaught of exactly normal situations


A hobbyist forfeits the greater certification of their project

I bump into a memory while counting denim stitches

Propagandized loophole

They build junctures in fluorescent armor

I dab this rented & bearded chin with her expensive napkin


A ministry of glossed over aches

When can I yank the puppeteer string that guards our love?

Driveling townships petition to belong

This apparatus dedicatedly jabbing itself into my worn ribs

Hastier solicitation

I find an excuse & then pillage her religiosity

The night has better agendas, but we still give chase

How does it really impact us, when you’re alone, & futures quit polishing them?

I grope my fears, but they act like robots


She is only worth the perplexity in her existence, capable of bullying my indecisiveness

Expired registrations & tripping from nothing obvious on an city path

Where might I try & land this wily gizmo?

Administering flat-lined emoticons

Celestial door mat

Relapsing again

I’m just employed as a sidekick to her mysteries

Foundational exaltation looking for a refund

Hiccups in a communicative bridge

Paranoid surprise from turbulent entropy

Touching is a illusion meant for the lethargic believers in predominant apocalypses


Specialized coaches for dedicated mistrust

My once upon a time sanity is receding modestly, while that vehicle blinker gets flipped down

The soggy visions behind her far too ambitious retina

Obsessing with geometric equivalences, mostly parallel & rightly angled

A splurge of pardons meant for other things

Who calls them imbeciles?

I stall the ethical fire by reaching for a numbing condiment to blanket my dead animal parts

Their flimsy admiration


Hairy anthropological insights

Surface detention

Alienated labor from the master’s 3rd body

Rousing idols propagandizing bogus sermons


The static from a nearby impostor

Blackmailed pregnancies

Rude commending of their antics


I weave through a genetic mine field


We intimidate the posted laws on heaven’s gate

I fidget with my hands while meagerly addressing innocence

Succulent deformation of palliative nuances

Ordained animals


The melody during a warlord’s private hygienic ritual

Fiscal loitering with a purpose & mold having no affinities

She drains out my ego

Where can byproducts invite controversy?


I look for more fortresses

This neon advert being distorted by windshield collection hobbies

We flush out primal chemistry to meet utilitarian quotas

Her incredibly haunted positivism

Daring fasteners

I used the lipid credits allotted for this 15 hour span


Where can I set down this yapping gnome?

Our stunted bible leads to nowhere

A witty fugitive propagating motifs to brand a normalized cult

She cups the head of another with a familiar grace


This bridge is practicing how to be gullible & I roll up my ironed cuffs

Entering bathrooms after women shower

Muffled newscasters coming through hallway doors at quitting time


Why am I a knot in their distributional scheme?

Pacing in concrete rectangles with a blurry license marker

I fondle an exiled tendency


She is rightfully addressing the brim

Occupied thrones & my private filings


Bloated attitudes keeping an uneventful diary

Transactions of a neighborhood

I go fetching


Officially testing some new contraptions resembling poetry

How can we validate the behavior of enthrallment?

She won’t look in my eyes while repressed identifiers drown her prideful statue

I end up awkwardly tugging on irresistible bait

The patronizing becomes just a veneer to some esoteric core


A trophy performance encased in foreign mannerisms

So, anyway

Chalkboard numbers & a steel toed boot

Which sparring partner might activate the next whining knob to catapult those lazy inklings?

Gather, purge, & repeat


I recall being stuck in a pornographic algorithm

Frayed medicinal violence

Historical padding

A flaunting tableaux of lesser insinuations

Speckles in carpet rob me of her touching

Regulate danger with speed bumps

Broccoli & perfumed toiletries hovering on a mantel


Tidying up doodles, not profane

We scold moody tones from hibernated commuters

The wattage of her volatility becomes addictive

Where can I finish unpacking?

Ambush my soul & tongue the crevices in our lunacy

I put my signature on the wrong dance


Carefully registering impressions of things while problematics neglect honor

The molestation of secondary glances

Glittery echoes from this hijacked drama are bribing her

I pretend to sculpt while they continue decaying


Clumps of unethical fantasies pound on an ivory statue

I grab onto biomorphic emblems of jubilance

Puncture these membranes & tear out my superfluous calculator before it finalizes the agent

Our paranoid romance never did attempt to exist

Flocks of agony inventing nutrition

Where might bashful tyrants go to jump in puddles?

I cook an 8 oz. fish within the soothing embrace of nightly meteorological data


She discloses awkward lies about obvious defects in their personality

Excuse me, but this does not belong to you

Incubating hints & a timely jostle of delinquent aspiration

How can monotony learn to understand itself?

Robotic enemies pacifying calls to the wild


I stagger down paths being audited by invisible flagrancy

Wasted chuckles emitting from the deepest latitude of our bellies


I pick out a few of her most recent animations & compile them for swallowing

Graffiti covers the signal who advises discretion

Hiring a flaw to pose as my thinking assistant

Next, let’s try having them only in close proximity to the mirror for very brief intervals

I hallucinate into a non-linear documentary on apparatuses squishing partisans of nihilism

Tinkering with a clog in our radical migration


Which door leads to the potion merchants?

Grasshoppers knitting swimwear

I weep in the midst of obsolete responsibility

Abbreviating so it can fit into modern pockets

Superficial encouragement comes very late in this debacle


I fortified my confession to sublimate the effect of your gifts

What if these indexical maps are corrupted?

Muddy shoelace

Televised affirmations permitting less recruitment of the will


Oscillating between Gothic architecture & inter-species pornography

Regulated trickles signify a messier origin


A gorgeous error lecturing to politicians as they nap

I almost forgot about her unclaimed declaration on my window sill


Why should we regard an impressive pile of amens?


No, this collision will not accommodate any sympathetic diluting

I count for society, & they pay me for it

Blood streaked mucus on a porcelain concave


She is eying fresh residues of my anxiety

Gaping cessations in the linkage of a plan


I’ve lost pages 3,12, & 45 to the handbook on dismantling

How may a kink in esteem alter frequency?


I’m getting tired, yet this race does not honor permission slips

Shifted emotions outlining their horrendous motif

I stub my toe & a litter of nonsense gets ejected into ancient rain


Where is the fuse box for this maniac located?

I notice a princess dream still lurking beneath her well ironed corporatism

A jetliner winking at static flag poles

The batteries of many clock radios quit simultaneously near vacant hotel beds

I wash my elbows daily


This proposal is scared of extinguishing nomadic allegiance

Contextual instructions enact purgatory on this ride

Irritants latching into my sore optimism at no additional cost


They cradle forged systems of belief

I decode her poorly concealed tendencies from the other side of a room


Kneeling down to gather up my sudden amputations

Then only certain qualities became legitimate


Pressurized manufacturing of easily disseminated wishes


When to swerve?

Redundant blabber is following us again


I’d like to quit leaving nightly hypnosis by way of judgmental perspiration

She tries another practice exam

How may ducking behind stale radii tamper with the clumsy lever?


Executing a cadence flavored to paralyze the geometric agenda

The organs are meticulous in reprimanding violators

I seep into translucent companionship

A knot is whining to 5 unplugged blenders

I rearrange my desk inventory

She was just casually lacerating tradition


How can masturbatory insistence have audacity while revoking empiricism?

Pardon me, but that is our flickering lantern

I scratch my head & reptiles in a desert evaporate

Touring embellishments

Expensive liquor for winterized preaching to midnight shadows of random furniture

Her logic baffles most governmental vending

Bribing my conscience to trust in these faltering serums

I learn printmaking for the sake of an abducted uncle

Clothes like fencing

Exchanges about contextual packaging near funny lamps


Dislocating the anchor to my least universal fetish

What choices are left, if gears become too excited about their own jokes?

Apologizing to the inventors of desire

Hyped cargo

Chaperoned wills remain prostrated & motionless on carefully numbered sidewalks

I get out from beneath a defense mechanism that will eventually prove to be a traitor

Unstrap these arrogant heels


Fiddling with my scarf next to a convoy of perishables

Managerial inconsideration

They’re clearing away nibbles from a rejected establishment

Warped exuberance

Navigating the topographies of her doubt

I resume the ugly cycle


Hedonistic cracks in stonewashed arousal

When will their frequent messages condense into a philosophical levy?

I put my own agenda into an enemy’s uniform


This king is a servant to ethical malpractice

I bypass contrived offerings for treasure in the periphery

Humane delusions for an ordinary circumstance

White lies over perfect napkins

She’s adjusting the hem in that equation

Organized mission to recruit underdogs

How can fixing anomalies incite budging?

Xeroxed identity

Decoding her allegorical misfits while they pretend to exercise

Tugging beards of faulty gods to emphasize their impracticality


The feisty status quo is animating youth

Speech trails off just before meaning can arrive

A lost muse belonging to someone else keeps wobbling into my spare room


We crave noticeable deliverers of knowledge

I advocate for redefining security

Where is hope rooted?

That spawning ceremony debuted a foreign character

Auditing the distribution of phony signals

Accommodating fields of unnamed practicality


I lounge with no motion

The buildings plan to illuminate soon

Digestive jam

She fondled their quivering esteem like it was an upper-class hobby

When can kinks in lineage aid the merciful decoys?


My reprimands on the soul,

for being needed in this vocabulary,

of personnel implosion & worldly equivocation

A wicked ordeal invigorates us

Her formidability is kidnapping the nullified merchandise

Do coincidences pray?


I make encoded suggestions to attract geometry

This balloon keeps laughing

Tormenting our hypnosis with legitimacy to refurbish the stale average


I practice how to squint

A daytime moon bullies the certainty out of academia

She waved at nowhere in particular

If they are disposable, then who’s refereeing the masquerades?


The foul conduct of my ignored emergencies will definitely not just stop

Our intellectualizing banter falsely guarantees a muted life


We alternate between expelling & intaking libidinal secretions

Tiny fractures in this ceiling never seem to authentically reciprocate interest

How might digging holes offer a promise?

That freeway erased my name again


I’m garnering annoyances to check if they are different in other lighting

A snowflake lands in her martini

Does volition have worth if anonymity learns the code?

Pet owners

She winks at illusionistic netting

Their break pedal disappears

I nonchalantly try & harass meaning, but statues are resilient

I forgot this dosage is no longer effective

Splendid protocol

Will you relinquish our happenstances after the buoyancy is found?

Another cliché tapping on my forehead

Paragraphs made by a lover’s mistaken identity

Which direction?

I observe viable answers poking out of their marginal existence

Chopping board rhythms

Her mood is accustomed to wavy networking

A ripped envelope with logistical taxes hanging out


I sob near a favorite doorway

Mind the gap!

Lucky numbers

How can important batches of perplexity ever be sorted for urgent application?

She drapes more layers over it in hopes of quieting the static

Oily fingerprints aestheticize this mirror

I jump onto a ledge & their bus crashes


My need for synthetic packaging distracts the hunter from their objective

Weather reports are a backdrop for insanity

Does the apology predict neutralization?

Cylindrical vehicles for daily rations

Her frilly meter is at it again

The past wanted us once

I hoard those casual indicators of egotistical balance


Her reckless personality

smuggled confessional jargon

onto this manipulative altar

I am frightened by events of people

that don’t crave accusation

won’t need dissecting

& can’t trust enough to reorganize

Lullabies in place of versatility

Nail biting with literature

Temporary sealants as their polemic

Waiting until they equip these roaring antennas with better medicine

I plead this brain will develop a rumor

that might convince me

to still have appetites

A newspaper worth of coins are discarded into that lobby’s aquatic feature,

which is marketing pristine hopes to anyone that will sacrifice their egotistical programming

She is bargaining with antitheses of entropy as a contribution to the legitimate overhaul

We keep peeling away unoriginal faces,

but I can’t remember how I once led this vacillation

& our drafty shelter is without a god’s insurance

It might only handle a particular # of laundering cycles

The secret arrives tomorrow

because our romanticism

will not pay homage to neatly ironed flags

Animalistic infidelity is a stinging orgasm

that gets chased with hypnotic repetition

I decided to wrestle this phenomenal hunk of banality

yet lofty anchors fail at grounding vagabonds

Percolative accentuation can be friendly if it justifies swift disobedience

The admirably blank demeanor

which she uses for concentrated evacuation

is plastering itself onto every instance of my operatic trial

I cannot get by that fortitude

& the tea kettle yells for attention

but I make it earn meaning through patience

This labyrinth of all too competent wishes

is keeping me as a hostage to my own signature

The flavors that she once utilized in multiple campaigns

hastily turn bland for the sake of themselves

Those conspired grins decorate this scenic version of normality & I go browsing for a rarer purpose

Our infantile experiment, which can denote neither of us separately flexes it’s post-linguistic abilities

& turns the cynicism into a village of folly driven parades

Pacing in concrete rectangles with a blurry license marker

I fondle an exiled tendency


She is rightfully addressing the brim

Occupied thrones & my private filings


How might enslaving perimeters undo corrosion?

If habits want abomination, then symbols must be twisted until milky guesses drip out


Intuition cannibalizing it’s neighborhood

Her eyes keep arriving like fresh strangers to an impromptu liturgy

Where will animosity congratulate the victims?

I make effort to recover from the long stints of being alone with compasses & grids

Jealousy is nipping at the heels of their fenced in ornamentation


Bloated cynicism & pinstriped recliners

Why not hover?

Funny walking actors trying out for my next lucid excursion into that surrealist jungle

Abortive indicators closely monitor the bickering

If an offspring succeeds, then headquarters may unleash an addendum


I shove my confidence under a heavy pillow

Installing ventilation in our fantasy driven games secreting counterfeit armor


Kaleidoscopic symptoms & a pouch of key terms

I bargain with your assumed holiday

A figurine is knocked over by wind

Subscribing to adornment as a prostitutional method for expanding the range of our nets


When might she begin pledging to the next generation’s totem?

These bodies are only mass distributed rental property