There is desire pooling in her fleshy wrinkles

How to maximize a retrospective analogy?

I like ideas geared to nurture an event

This corruptly stripped bundle of declarations

She reeks from overexposure to hazard lighting

Where can put my unborn key terms?


Numbers implicatively signifying facial reorientation

The wrapper crinkling,

nearby her inviting knitted pills,

that gather @ their rib cage lectern

Our floating simulation,

eased, but not necessitated, with reality props  

The stares at nowhere, in failed occupation

I’m dramatizing hygiene

This bursting irregularity challenges equilibrium

She weaves like viral meetings of agency

Cartilage stairwell

I find reasons to adopt gnarly bits of thought

Who denounced legacy?

There is nirvana

Permanent keyboard markings

I wait until she fumbles the ignition

I pull apart curtain-like details in her edifice

Whipped mentality

How can we accessorize this predicament?

Ordered forecasting & tremendous gratitude   

She becomes a horizon

I use decoys to entertain my confident fictionality   

There is randomness

Torquing on reality

What can be substantiated?

I flinch at nowhere discerning

She goes italic when emptied out


Animal tracks under the bridge

I request kinder liberty

Outtakes from the asylum

Which tier cannot get built upon?  

Innocence sleeps well during molten enemy raids