The breeze puncturing anonymous skin

I organize thoughts like a hobby

Where do routine iterations end up? 

There is contrivance in her gifts

I get surprised by dosage variables 

This merger finally breaks open the cage

The patient consolidation of irregularities

I decide on which maneuver, 

to yearn for, while responding to her echoing volatility

Why not explode?

There is merit in deleting incremental goal orientation

I recoil springs, & train to be eager

She mystifies the logical conclusions

This mentality of existing paused between floors

I relent justifiable arguing for courtesy

Why not untrain habitual personified oppression? 

Her primal twisting beneath moonlit delta waves

The fractional cyborg aspects,  

within her mobilized joy 

I remain lusting for indivisibility

How do prophecies take us elsewhere?  

There is fictionalized blockage,

& this race for antidotes,

is certifying permanence


She hones deterioration,

for the sake of new births

The wavy geometrics in her naked movement,

which exist only through faith    

I reminisce about lingering havoc, 

& considerations of beauty 

Where is misplaced desire?  

This bystander is taking more appropriate notes  

Her postural angles, 

keep stoking the drama

I never forget to implicitly build additional complexity       

The feathered regret of a misspoken identity

How do we bridge godless answers? 

I plagiarize shelter

There will be an echo,

that loiters within campaigns for normalization  

Her tomorrow dusted off the joystick

This prevailing tension underneath masked innocence

I ricochet along crinkly fliers in our hallway

The batch is doused with evolutionary ingredients

How might an obvious fracture in logic promote the new? 

She attacks with graceful technicality

These demarcating symbols of validation

How can we market integrity? 

I’m still unbinded from the alpha waves,

& her ghostly dotted lines are evaporating quickly

There is need for rupture

The working metaphorical toolbox derived from plagues

I undo symmetry

There is a fortress in her greeting

Why not? 

I’m getting squished against the royal mirror,

but I zoom out & taste pixelated clues from infinity

Jittery riddles coming at me

Why do experiences of taste fade away? 

The game ends if tension relaxes, 

in futile hopes of actualization

We crave impossibility

I will not execute a real bridge to her