Why not,

obliterate confining dimensionality,

& thoroughly fall into authentication? 

I witness the emotional swirling,

that gracefully cleanses bitter doubt

Where might she lean into releasing mechanisms?

The yielding, 

evades precise agency,

& refutes casual signage

There are divisions in mental constructs, 

that undermine our biological trajectory, 

while they substantiate themselves,

with ill fated reinforcement,

embedded throughout daily mazes

I judge my obsessional relationship,

involving desublimated activities

The vocal tonalities,

shift to correlate with her moments, 

of peak frequency interest

I’m noticing your true life sized essence,

& I welcome the ferocious breadth of your capacity,

to destroy & renew

The cracks in archaic objectives, 

leading to unfound surprise,

& these jittery reminders of busy work

I plagiarize a decoy

Where might time go imaginary?

I evacuate this idealized representation of her

The demonstration, 

avoids grammar,

& maintains blistered totality

I wish for the deletion of this toxic privilege

How else to regain fluidity & clear understanding of absolute otherness?  

We drop into it,

& there can be shattering reverberations,

when fermenting esoteric languages,

prove themselves,

yet quietude among high velocity differentiation

Why assume mental facades, 

are entitled to leadership?

The somatic wiring, 

delivers choreography for us,

if we let it

This shaman in the tower,

remembers being a war field medic   

There is diagonal ricocheting,

@ the mercy of anonymous cyborgian plight

We’re supposed to get it together,

but the fading pretense of arousal,

lectures our discerning mirage

I sprawl out in defeated horizontality

Why change the numbed portions,

of this bold trance?   

Your integrity is ensnarling wishes

The revved up disillusionment,

gets plastered like highway billboards,

in methodical fashion,

to secure the desire, 

for eternally boring instances of pacifying glitter

I build & initiate regularly,

Which determines the proceeding arrival, 

will be frenzied cynicism

Why not,

obey energetic storms,

& denounce futile protection? 

There are noteworthy accents,

implicitly bouncing in unison,

& they are eager to receive our poise

Her lists are checked often

What mimics, yet reverses,

the curation of ephemerality?

Your hosting flare,

keeps articulation, 

gently tumbling sideways

The non-linguistic visualizations,

are blank, 

& absent of obvious content,

yet populated heavily with beautiful immanence

How to preserve a looped sequential gift,

of this mobilizing curiosity?

I refrain from disclosing every feature,

of the stimulating & imaginary plot twist

Why underestimate interconnectivity?

The dormant bliss,

will continue quietly melting archaic obsolescence

I meticulously tunnel routes,

in the available formality,

& secrets get distributed when occupying creative risks

Our hesitancy,

preserves the manufacturing of feverish duplication

There will be opposing audacities,

nurtured to coexist together,

in prominent deterring majesty    

Where is best, 

for undoing each of these flimsy assumptions?

The resonation,

from skeletal emotionality

Why not,

believe in reconfiguring hardware,

to entice distant otherly visions, 

into current manifesting actualities?

These diverse options,

are graffitied along the subconscious corridor 

I have new eyes,

when your leisurely mood, 

turns urgent

How to reconcile,

unintentional patterns, 

in materialistic folly?

She cleans the exterior,

of a neighboring vault 

There is dire & unapologetic fuzz,

loitering all over survivalist communication    

We create with next generation rationale

Why disrupt placid servitude?

I imitate hurried creatures,

& my soul adhesive wears off 

Your morning dream echo,

fuels the pace of this revolution

There are kinks,

in their ventricular system, 

of ethical masquerade

I do best with godless prayer

When might our effort,

to recontaminate the psyche,

become noticeably adopted by these instructive downloads?

The friction is less now

This deflating weaponry,

intended to colonize ambition

I layer perfumed tact,

over a nucleus of ulterior motives

Where will your dancing fortitude,

bump into my unprepared accidents?

I guess the rule

There is comfort,

within this vague implosion,

& noteworthy epiphanies are seeping into a pile

Why not,

campaign to share renditions,

of pretend life?

I gawk @ infinity,

as if hypnotized into artistic symptoms

I remember you,

like a future unknown

The disc jockey,

makes home anywhere,

& voyeuristic sentiments freeze tangible effect

I obey warnings 

There can be no itemization,

of this universe

How does activating erasures,

launch us beyond conformity,

& utilize the propensity of wavelengths, 

to aesthetically define their existence as matter?       

I grip this ceramic vase of bitter herbal tea,

& zombie politics,

are flickering translucently over every logical representation

The clock hands duplicate themselves,

& this impulsive autonomy seems fair

I encode divergently

Why not,

celebrate unprogressed stages,

of quietude?  

The flippant orchestration,

pieced together with dormant incongruence, 

& advertised by solipsistic maniacs   

I give a retinal directive,

& trances leak out of nowhere,

while your upgrade has probably finished installation 

Where are the evidential marks,

of neurotransmitter health?

This illuminated keyboard,

is demolitioning walls,

between privacy & corroborated flight

The urge for morphing,

is disallowed,

yet I honor renewal of it

Why does your organic compass, 

trick expectation?

I’m not deterred by egotistic luxury,

& I wait for the glued seam, 

to dry properly

How many chances,

got shielded with bureaucratic fear,

& do we revive their inquiries, or not?   

The spiritually licensed joke,

& this opaquely decoyed answer

Where does mischief,

serve these contraptions?      

I follow an elaborately livid imprint,

that disappears unpredictably

Your accuracy,

in extracting & rebooting motivation

This orphaned thought,

never gives up,

on enslaving & brutalizing the hormonal delicacies, 

in my cellular identity

Why should action,

precede opinionated reviews?

I beg flowering archetypes,

to detonate their ideology,

& I meditate on the possible shifts happening right now,

in your emotive crystallization

The potentiality is left unzipped,

& I succumb to repetition,

while gravity keeps us here

Why not,

tolerate confiding blindly,

without equilibrium?

Our riddled & naive story,

about picturesque knots in yearnings, 

that exist merely as commercials from the brain

I’m liable to underestimate,

this fatiguing willpower,

but I ignore modesty, 

for the sake of new glitches

I can’t succeed in transmitting origins, 

of this reverberation

Does your finesse,

wobble if under attack?

There are batches,

of hypothetical paths for this composite machinery

I fantasize leadership,

without prerequisite referral,

but that is not for us

The yesterday laughter,

escapes again 

I offer tenderized & explicit hospitality,

to an undivided you

There is magnificent power,

 in how you are recontextualizing the notions of beauty

Where does frolicking trigger mutation?

I die occasionally,

& this glowing haze veils the secret

Why mute captivating route proposals?  

The build up,

from withholding information,

& this discarded esteem.

There is pain,

littered randomly here

Which channel,

tunes into the expansive garden?  

I sort filter attachments,

& jealousy knocks for neighborly terrorism

The maybe,

biased their grounding skill forever

I’m cuddling with a trepidatious realization,

& the arrows become polka dots

Where could naivete,

be habitualized, 

to ripen adjectives?

Your casual poetic execution,

is dragging me, 

through alternate universes,

where boundaries never participate in reality

I question glimpses of this fractal,

& obligatory distraction,

is testing my endurance

Why not,

be shocking in the counsel of avenues?

The pixelated revelation,

about your tendency for wonder 

Which lingering untried combination,

might jostle us off the fence?

I rearrange divinity

This babbling neural cortex,

& the pulsation of your gaze,

that is magnetic & yet inconceivable


Why not,

destabilize commonality,

& grow into foreign beckoning ambience?

I undermine vertical charades

Your fierce witchery,

instigates dynamic transformation

The placated engineering,

flaunts capitalist ideology,

& our readiness nears maturation

Where does totality,

bleed into our private sentiments?

There is an echo,

arriving from venues in the future

This rhizomatic festival,

calls upon graceful warrior necessity  

How might algorithms,

disguise our tonalities?

Your intensity,

is functional scaffolding,

that nurtures coherent wavelengths

The popularity of anesthetizing,   

bothers hope for reality

Why cancel linear assumptions? 

This weather,

fails to excite me again  

I scribble along corridors,

& these portals hijack us

Which marginal ingredient,

arouses kaleidoscopic psychology?

I revere an impulsive typo

There is a bacterial film,

encapsulating generic moods,

triggered for development

I alternate giving up, 

with remembering lost puzzle fragments

Why not,

shyly get to know the abysmal hinges?

The rhythms,

of volcanic bubbling,

entrench our immanent cavity

I withhold yearnings,

& I imagine a chance operated methodology for releasing them 

The dawn lit traffic,

is achieving swollen quotas per usual

How does organization,

feed restrictive madness?

Your timely infusion,

leads the guessing contraptions,

into more vibrancy,

& this becomes exponentially mysterious,

yet driven by clarity  

I like paradox

What if lies, 

didn’t hoard attentive credit?

I bring muses,

directly into this workshop   

The overtly tasting periphery,

within your unrivaled mission

I drop into warped emotive labyrinths,

fueling constant variability,

& a branch yells,

while I assume the role of prey

How could your tilting intention,

serve to delete,

& regrow expectancy?

I pressurize basic motors,

& the glitches disseminate,

in a vexingly flagrant ceremonial whisper

This elucidating residue,

from commitments to messy definitions,

offered by scarce allies

Why blend into public utility?  

The splintered grace, 

in our impossible architecture

I categorize manuals,

that depict keywords,

for navigating their flood of virtual landmines

When might obsession,

reverse the pointing arrow,

& colonize dreamy beliefs?   

The naturally intelligent organisms,  

 relax into breezy & unfettered arrogance 

I wait for a symbolic zero,

& then consider hygiene @ the foundation

Your oscillating,

inflicts a moment of being dizzy,

& this is gifting numerous hints

Where does accentuation,

trickle under the radar of normality?

I’m late,

to greet improbable conflict,

as the solidifying trend,

puts emergency into relevance

There can be fluctuation,

with our style of caressing,

the unknowable,

& rationalizing judges,

extract honest velocity from this procedure

Which god on their menu,

accepts behavioral servitude,

yet rejoices for conditionality?    

I think about kites,

but only write down vague elicitations,

in a grayscale filter

Why honor proximate thresholds?

The flavor, 

of your existentialist arrogance,

brings glee to this devastation  

I concur that responsibility,  

is the vehicle to meaningful purpose

Their medicinal simulation,

corrupts our topographically roving field 

I try accepting homage to it,

& them

Where do paths,

forget intention,

& remix their ambience?

I originate entropic specimens

Your blazing geometry,

is a naturalistic quarrel 

Why not,

disconnect channels of spoiled tenacity?

The paranoia,

is lamenting about how it once had validation,

to enact detoured injury

I recoil in celebratory methods,

back to working posture,

& unsynced alarms

How do your kinetic jumblings, 

not wail often?

The locked mirage,

is asking for help

There are equational reminders,

& fading ingenuity is @ home

Why propose nullification,

if manufacturers are granted rivers?

I cuddle a list,

of hierarchical decisions

Which adjustments,

are going to underline the rest of it?

Your persistent burrowing into the mystic,

& those distributed formalities

I get numb, 

to the adjacently robotic sensation

There are wrinkles, 

in that excuse,

& boiling desire catalogs the integrity

Why not,

rig equipment for hedonistic objectives?

I legitimize infinity,

with the mundane

The angle of your gestures,

offers turbulence

There are secrets in the fabric of accentuation,

& I hold polarity together

Where might location coordinates,

deny imposed referentiality?

Your lightly constructed voices,

disperse my armor

The oppression,

from patriarchal mechanics,

remains nearby

There is chaotic joy availing elsewhere

Where isn’t there compromise?

I memorialize expired palettes 

The vigor in habitual non-sense,

& these gradations of insanity 

I become her

Why not undergo repetition,

for entrenching that sense of the visceral?

There is a crowded type of honesty

Their rebellious attitude floating to the surface

Why does a synapse exist between objectification & promises? 

I view her

This entrancing geometric iteration of the anterior pelvic tilt

I move on with regular strength tasks

Where are precursors to divinity?

The breeze puncturing anonymous skin

I organize thoughts like a hobby

Where do routine iterations end up? 

There is contrivance in her gifts

I get surprised by dosage variables 

This merger finally breaks open the cage

The patient consolidation of irregularities

I decide on which maneuver, 

to yearn for, while responding to her echoing volatility

Why not explode?

There is merit in deleting incremental goal orientation

I recoil springs, & train to be eager

She mystifies the logical conclusions

This mentality of existing paused between floors

I relent justifiable arguing for courtesy

Why not untrain habitual personified oppression? 

Her primal twisting beneath moonlit delta waves

The fractional cyborg aspects,  

within her mobilized joy 

I remain lusting for indivisibility

How do prophecies take us elsewhere?  

There is fictionalized blockage,

& this race for antidotes,

is certifying permanence


She hones deterioration,

for the sake of new births