The working metaphorical toolbox derived from plagues

I undo symmetry

There is a fortress in her greeting

Why not? 

I’m getting squished against the royal mirror,

but I zoom out & taste pixelated clues from infinity

Jittery riddles coming at me

Why do experiences of taste fade away? 

The game ends if tension relaxes, 

in futile hopes of actualization

We crave impossibility

I will not execute a real bridge to her

It’s windy, & pages flutter in accordance

How does spirituality keep track of us?

The cumulative illusions,

destabilizing archetypal harmony

I proceed en route,

to a mood,


Why not overdose the cosmetic bribery?

Unknown breakability

Where are your propagated tumbling leaves? 

I quickly regret my signal

The algorithmic lullabies, 

keep dragging misplaced intention,

that circumscribes our figurative wound

Disc jockey master

Don’t reverse it until alarms need calamity

Their stabilizing fashion

I become wrinkles

How can paradox heal an idling mood?

I’m recruiting this damn for obedience

The font is credited with swagger


She understands philosophical irritants

I fund psychological ornamentation

The crackle in waiting room speakers

Ancient logic

Does missing evidence tenderize poetry? 

I bang on it with an uncoordinated & warlike rhythm  

Why not subscribe to imaginary fixtures?  

There is desire to tidy up

There is velcro unlatching somewhere

I build categorical homes for apathy

Why recognize elicitation? 

She goes back to it

The finite quality is erased by madness

These ruling orders, 

like a mannequin factory, 

pester & disarm, contented belief

I’m admiring loiters of the game

Where can storytelling nix valuation?

I gently brush through idealism

Meteorological forecast

She doesn’t easily remember nouns